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Baby Brother

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The first single from the upcoming album “One Rough Year”, Baby Brother is a lament in the wake of the devastating pain left behind when my “baby brother” took his life last year at the age of 42. As the lyrics cry out, such an action doesn’t end the pain but in fact multiplies it by all of those left wondering what we should have done differently and why what we did do was not enough.


Baby Brother

Baby brother, I know you tried
To make me see how you hurt inside
wish I knew how to pull you from that hell

I can’t find the words to say
When you tell me you feel that way
Wish I’d tried harder, sorry that I failed

But do you know
What you have done to us
Left us alone
Multiplied your pain
Do you know
That’s not the easy out
You might be gone
but your pain remains

I’m so sorry nothing I did helped
That it didn’t change the way you felt
That I couldn’t talk your pain away

I couldn’t find the right words to say
I’m not convinced there are anyway
That ignorance was a cost to high to pay

< Bridge >

But now you’ve left me here
Drowning in this flood of tears
And I’m not alone sharing in this pain

Brother, sister, friends and lovers mourn
Mom and kids with our hearts all torn
wondering why you would choose this way.